St. Joseph’s Villa provides children with special needs and their families the opportunity to succeed through innovative and effective programs.


St. Joseph’s Villa is the longest continuously operating children’s nonprofit organization in the country. We were founded in 1834 by the Daughters of Charity, a religious group of women called upon to care for Richmond’s orphaned and impoverished children. In 180 years, we have not been closed for a single minute.

St. Joseph’s Villa has grown and evolved to meet the prevailing needs of the community, and today is a non-sectarian organization serving children and families facing mental illness, homelessness, autism and other challenges.  We currently offer eighteen programs that serve 3,000 children and families each year, helping them reach their potential and live more full and independent lives.

Click here to download a graphic timeline of our 180-year history.  Even as the Villa lived through wars, economic recessions and dramatic social changes, our mission remained steadfast as has our belief in those we serve.

SJV timeline

Watch the video below to learn more about the evolution of St. Joseph’s Villa, or check out this book about our history.