Effective July 1, 2017

Private Day School

  • Brook Road Academy

    $ 15,400/year   Non-traditional, college prep – Grades 7-8 (private pay, includes book/lab/activities fee)
    $ 15,675/year   Non-traditional, college prep – Grades 9-12 (private pay, includes book/lab/activities fee)
    $ 120/day   Non-traditional, college prep – Grades 7-12 (public pay w/IEP)

  • Dooley Center for Alternative Education

    $ 70/day   Non-special education
    $ 90/day   G.E.D.  Alternative Education – Non-special education

  • Dooley School at St. Joseph’s Villa

    $ 205/day   ED/LD/OHI/K-5 (ESY at same per day rate)
    $ 205/day    Intellectual Disability/Multiple Disabilities/Autism/K-5 (ESY at same per day rate)
    $ 225/day   Middle School ED, LD, OH, Multiple with Individual Counseling (ESY at same per day rate)
    $ 225/day   High School ED, LD, OHI, Multiple with Individual Counseling (ESY at same per day rate)
    $ 275/day   Dooley Prep (AUT/ID – with Career and Transition Services) (ESY at same per day rate)

Add-on Services

Please note the rates below are in addition to tuition rates.
$148/day   One-on-one counseling services – on campus*
$70/hour   Family & Individual Counseling

    •  Sarah Dooley Center for Autism

      $ 355/day   Autism Spectrum and Developmental Disabilities disorders with integrated speech services
      $ 90/hour   Behavioral consultation/testing

Physical, Speech, and Occupational Therapy services are currently not offered by our agency (except as listed above); placing agent should arrange these services.

Intensive In-Home Services

  • EPSDT Services

    $60/hour   In-Home Behavioral Treatment

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment*

    $ 60/unit   In-Home Assessment
    $ 60/hour   Intensive In-Home Services

Mental Health Skill Building

  • Therapeutic Day Treatment*

    $ 91/unit   Mental Health Assessment
    $ 91/unit   Mental Health Skill Building (1-3 hours)
    $182/unit   Mental Health Skill Building (3-5 hours)
    $273/unit   Mental Health Skill Building(5-7 hours)
    $364/unit   Mental Health Skill Building (7+ hours)

Outpatient Services

  • Outpatient Psychiatric (LPC or LCSW)

    $ 125   Evaluation
    $ 60   30 minute session
    $100   45 minute session
    $140   60 minute session
    $125   Family session with patient
    $100   Family session without patient
    $40 per person   Group sessions

Crisis Stabilization

$ 450/day   Crisis Stabilization (Urban)
$ 89/hour   Crisis Stabilization (Urban)


$ 35/trip each way   Transportation

Therapeutic Day Treatment for Children and Adolescents

$ 36.53/unit   Treatment Assessment
$ 36.53/unit   Treatment Services (2-3 hours)
$ 73.06/unit   Treatment Services (3-5 hours)
$109.59 /unit  Treatment Services (5+ hours)

Applied Behavioral Analysis

  • Early Autism Services (age 2-6)

$100/hour   Supervision/Service provision – BCBA
$50/hour   Service provision – paraprofessional

Career and Transitional Training Services

$63.43/day   Work Adjustment Training
$67/hour   Situational Assessment (4 hours)
$40/hour   Job Readiness & Life Skills Training

Developmental Disabilities Services

  • Day Support – After School Services

    $ 188/week   After School Program 1:3 or 1:4 staffing pattern
    Additional Service – Full Days (in addition to weekly rate)
    $ 37.65/day extra   Non-school day 1:3 or 1:4 staffing pattern
    $ 18.83/day extra   Early release day 1:3 or 1:4 staffing pattern
    Summer Program
    $ 399/week   Full day – Day Support Summer Program 1:3 or 1:4 staffing pattern
    $199.50/week   Half day – Day Support Summer Program 1:3 or 1:4 staffing pattern

  • In-Home Services

    $ 19.65/hour   1:1 Counseling

  • Other Services

    $ 25/hour   1:1 behavior counselor – on campus

    Medicaid Waiver and Developmental Disability Waiver are accepted.

*Fees are based on actual services rendered.