Archway Society

Archways provide safe passage. Archways endure the weathering of time.
Archways celebrate victory.

Archways are emblematic of the historic Villa campus.  The structures they support have stood the test of time, as has our commitment to helping children and families in the greatest need.

The Archway Society is a distinctive recognition of friends whose estate plans provide strong and durable support for children, so that they may pass safely from lives shaped by homelessness, physical and developmental disabilities, autism, mental illness and behavioral disorders to futures of greater stability, independence, self-confidence, and hopefulness.

We thank the following active and legacy members of the Archway Society who are known to us:

Robert M. Atack*
Mary J. Caliandro
Norwood & Marguerite Davis
Kathleen C. Duke
Elizabeth M. Fairchild*
Beverly Morgan-Williams*

Mary Temple Murrill*
David D. Redmond
Lora Robins*
Bobby & Alice Ross
Most Reverend Walter F. Sullivan*
Richard J. “Dick” Tarrant, Jr.

What about the legacy donors who aren’t known to us? If you have included St. Joseph’s Villa in your estate plans, we invite you to notify us so that we can count you among the members of the Archway Society. Please contact David Huffine, VP for Advancement, at 804-553-3220 or email.  Those considering such provisions are encouraged to contact us for conversation to ensure their gift will have the greatest impact on our children and families in generations to come.