A Distinctive Recognition of Friends who have included SJV in their Estate Plans


  • For millennia, archways have provided strong and durable support for walls and buildings.
  • Archways have been erected to commemorate victories and honor heroes.
  • Archways provide safe passage from one place to another.
  • Archways are emblematic of the Villa’s historic campus.

The Archway Society honors the present-day heroes whose Estate Plans provide strong and durable support for children to pass safely from lives shaped by homelessness, physical and developmental disabilities, autism, mental illness and behavioral disorders to futures of greater stability, independence, self-confidence,  and hopefulness.

We are calling for friends who have included the Villa in their estate plans to join the Archway Society by notifying us by contacting Brenda Savage at 804-200-1616 by email. Those considering such provisions are encouraged to contact us for conversation and helpful information.

Dick Tarrant“The way St. Joseph’s helps children in need touches our hearts. We all wish we could do more. Having the Villa in our estate plans enables Joan and me to increase our support beyond our present means. I thought it was the perfect solution.”

–Richard J. “Dick” Tarrant, Jr., winningest Coach in University of Richmond Basketball history, longtime Villa leader and supporter