Bon Secours Class-A-Roll partners with SJV for healthy snack program

Obstacles in cost or accessibility make healthy eating out of reach for many children and families the Villa serves. This spring we are delighted to partner with the Bon Secours Class-A-Roll to provide Villa students with hands-on nutrition education and experience in healthy food preparation. The Class-A-Roll is a mobile interactive kitchen that links families to fresh, affordable produce in their own communities.

The Bon Secours Class-A-Role visits the Villa

The Bon Secours Class-A-Role visits the Villa

Each week our students learn to prepare a healthy snack with fruits and vegetables, then prepare it for 80 of their classmates to enjoy the following week. The partnership kicked off with students visiting Shalom Farm in Goochland to harvest vegetables. The Class-A-Roll recently came to the Villa campus, where students gathered to make fresh veggie rolls. We’re so proud of our emerging chefs, who have tried – and enjoyed – fresh ingredients for the first time.

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