Dooley School, VCU students team up to imagine brighter future for their communities

Career and Transition Services (CATS) continues providing opportunities for Villa students to explore their creativity in partnership with local colleges and universities. This fall, Dooley School and VCU students will share ideas for improving their communities using models created with a 3D printer.

“Our shared goal with CATS is to help Villa students practice teamwork and communication skills, while also reflecting on what Richmond needs to be a healthier and more just community,” said Dr. Elizabeth Kreydatus, Associate Professor of Focused Inquiry at VCU.

Students will present their 3D models to a panel of academic team members before putting them on display in VCU’s Harris Hall. Thanks to this service learning partnership with VCU, now in its 7th year, our students are able to gauge community issues and discover the ways they can bring change through their own skill sets.

“This critical collaboration has seen so much success,” said Jafar Baraka, Principal of Dooley School. “CATS continues to lift up Dooley School students, arming them with much-needed vocational training and support.”

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