VCU mentors bring college into focus for Villa students

The thought of college can be intimidating and stressful for any high school student.  For some, due to a variety of reasons, attending college isn’t even a consideration.

As Villa students come of the age to start thinking about life after high school, student mentors from Virginia Commonwealth University have provided them with encouragement, support, and a real-life picture of the college experience.  Guided tours led by VCU mentors have introduced several Villa students to everyday experiences on a college campus, from attending class to eating in the dining hall.  Mentors are also helping our students develop work and communication skills that will help them succeed in college and in future careers.

Perhaps most importantly of all, they are helping our students realize that college is attainable, and a place where they can fit in.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with VCU in helping our students build confidence and reach their potential.

Click here to read more about the Villa’s partnership with VCU, and its impact on all students involved. The article is written by Nicole Anderson Ellis, professor of critical thinking, critical writing, and argumentation in VCU’s Department of Focused Inquiry.

Villa students tour VCU campus

Villa students tour VCU campus

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