VCU mentors introduce Villa students to film production

It’s often taken for granted that people have the ability to capture and share videos right at the fingertips. For our students who don’t have access to a cell phone or home computer, gaining multimedia skills can be a major challenge. VCU’s Service Learning Class in the Department of Focused Inquiry has set out to bridge this gap. Volunteer mentors from this class are teaching Villa youth how to use different devices to take and edit videos for creative expression as well as formal presentations.

VCU film festival

VCU and Villa students held a film festival for their first projects of the year in December.

During the school year, VCU and Villa students worked together in small groups, and each group produced two movies. They will present their latest projects at a film festival in VCU’s Academic Learning Commons on April 28th.

“You form such great relationships,” said Taylor Georgalas, a VCU mentor who one day hopes to start a business that helps individuals with disabilities find employment.

VCU mentors collectively volunteered more than 2,400 hours with Villa students during the 2016-17 school year.

Interested in mentoring a Villa student? Contact our Director of Community Engagement, Kathy Perun, at 804-521-5577 or email to learn how you can make a difference!

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