Video: Teon turns over a new leaf

After being placed out of public school for behavioral issues, Teon learned to manage his emotions and gained self-confidence through Therapeutic Day Treatment at St. Joseph’s Villa. He returned to his public school for fifth grade and finished the year as an award-winning student.

Teon received the school’s LAMP Award (Library, Arts, Music & PE) for excellence in participation and conduct. The award is given to one 5th grade boy and girl. Teon was also honored with the Awesome Bobcat Award for coming from a place of struggle to the highest point of academic achievement. Now he’s looking forward to starting middle school next month and making new friends.

“With proper guidance, and love, and the right people in your life, you can get through any obstacle, and St. Joseph’s Villa definitely helped Teon,” said his mother Richelle.

Click here to watch a video on Teon’s journey.

To learn more about the Villa’s Therapeutic Day Treatment program for children’s mental health, click here.

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