Villa Autism Center Director Adam Dreyfus presents research findings abroad

Following international presentations in France, Pakistan, Belarus, and Nevis, Sarah Dooley Center for Autism Director Adam Dreyfus recently journeyed to Russia to collaborate with autism educators and professionals from around the world. At the Inclusive Education Conference, held at Moscow State University of Psychology & Education, Dreyfus led a Masterclass on teaching non-verbal children to talk.

“It’s always inspiring and motivating to see how other countries and cultures are approaching the global issue of a sharp increase in the rates of autism,” said Dreyfus. “The rise in autism rates and corresponding challenges for parents and educators is not a United States problem, it’s a global problem, and the solutions will be global – so it’s important to reach out across borders to mine our collective efforts to improve the lives of those impacted by autism.”

Dreyfus shared SDCA’s pioneering model of autism education, which emphasizes Community-Based Instruction and data-driven teaching strategies. Last year, SDCA students learned almost 10,000 new words. The Villa is planning to open a new cutting-edge autism center during the 2020-2021 school year, which will include a flexible space for teacher trainings and conferences here in Richmond.

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