Villa Early Autism services are changing the game

Jakeman in the SJV Early Autism classroom

Jakeman does a puzzle solving exercise SJV Early Autism classroom

Today 1 in every 68 children is diagnosed with autism.  While the increasing rate of autism is alarming, there is hope. Lifelong differences can be made in a child’s social, behavioral and cognitive skills with early detection of treatment. However, even though pediatricians are able to diagnose autism as early as age two, the average age of diagnosis is seven in Virginia.

“The key to early intervention is early,” said Adam Dreyfus, Director of the Sarah Dooley Center for Autism at St. Joseph’s Villa.

St. Joseph’s Villa launched its Early Autism Services to help a growing population of children like three-year-old Jakeman. Jakeman had just turned a year old when he lost the ability to speak. Later that year he was diagnosed with autism. Jakeman’s parents took a proactive approach in getting treatment for their son, and since enrolling Jakeman in the Villa’s Early Autism services they have seen a profound difference in his ability to communicate and play.

“He talks about school all the time and he’s making friends his own age,” said Jakeman’s mother Jessie. ABC8 News reports on the benefits of early autism treatment, and the progress Jakeman is making at St. Joseph’s Villa.

Learn more about Early Autism Services at St. Joseph’s Villa.

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