Villa joins Partnership for the Future

This summer we had the pleasure of welcoming Destiney as our new administrative intern. Destiney came to St. Joseph’s Villa through Partnership for the Future (PFF), a nonprofit that connects high-potential high school students from challenging circumstances with tools and experiences that will help them attain a college degree.  She is a rising junior with an interest in communications.

As part of PFF’s program, Destiney will also be interning at the Villa for the next two summers.  She wrote the following reflection on her first year as a Villa intern.  



I began my internship with St. Joseph’s Villa not only uneducated about the tremendous work done here but also about all of the loving employees here. Everyone from the volunteers to the CEO are friendly and welcoming. I feel very privileged to have an opportunity to work in such an amazing atmosphere that is also producing necessary services for our community. I’ve fortunately been able meet with many different individuals from each of the services and learn more about their services and also their personal experience at SJV. One of my regular questions to the people I’ve spoken with was, “What is the most valuable thing you’ve learned here at The Villa?” I believe it’s only fair to ask myself the same question now that the first year of my summer internship is coming to an end. The most priceless information I’ve obtained while here has to be that in order to be the best at what you do you have to have all of your heart in it. I’ve spoken to many people here that are passionate about the work they’re doing and wouldn’t trade their jobs for anything. I hope to find an occupation that I can be dedicated and determined at as well. Another highlight of my time here has been working with Drew Melson on different projects. He has given me insight on the communications field that I aspire to work in one day. I’ve worked with him on some fun projects including photography and social media research. I’ve learned from Drew that his job consists of many different things. There’s always something new to do in order to promote the superb programs at The Villa. I commend him on the remarkable work he is doing and look forward to the future years of working with him. I’m very appreciative of his guidance and I couldn’t imagine having a better mentor. I hope to use my upcoming summers here to gain experience in the both the communications and social work field. I believe that these years of my life are a fantastic time to explore the different career paths I’m interested in. St. Joseph’s Villa is the perfect place for me to start.

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