Villa receives Telehealth Innovation Award for work in Crisis Stabilization Unit

St. Joseph’s Villa has been honored with the Telehealth Innovation Award from the Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (MATRC) for the effective use of telepyschiatry in its Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU). The award recognizes organizations that demonstrate an innovative application of telehealth and contribute to improved health outcomes and quality of life in the Mid-Atlantic region.

The Villa’s CSU partners with InSight to bring telepsychiatry to children experiencing mental health crisis. Children can receive treatment in an environment that feels like home—all with the goal of preventing costly, unnecessary hospitalization. Since opening in 2012 in partnership with the Richmond Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) Region IV, the CSU has served nearly 500 children and has successfully diverted nearly 90 percent of them from hospitalization. InSight has helped the CSU work toward this goal for nearly two years with the help of telepsychiatrist Dr. Ashika Kapoor.

“St. Joseph’s Villa is committed to providing high quality mental health services to children families in innovative and effective ways. Our partnership with InSight has allowed us to expand our provider capacity,” said Kathleen Burke Barrett, CEO of St. Joseph’s Villa.  “We’re delighted that our efforts to provide care beyond the confines of an office were recognized by MATRC.”

Telepsychiatry allows children in the CSU to see psychiatry providers through videoconferencing. It has been proven an effective and cost-conscious way to bring psychiatric care to children. With the option to utilize remote providers, telepsychiatry and other telemedicine services represent unprecedented access to specialists who are typically difficult to staff.

“InSight prides itself on developing partnerships with innovative, like-minded organizations and works hard to find the right fit between our telepsychiatry providers and our partners,” says Geoffrey Boyce, Executive Director of InSight. “Congratulations to St. Joseph’s Villa on this accomplishment and we look forward to sustaining a productive partnership.

Telepsychiatry provides a medium for treatment designed to help children better express themselves, and help families discover how to prevent future crises. Photo credit:

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